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About Our Coffee

At Brick Road Coffee we believe in supporting local businesses and using organic and ethically sourced ingredients as much as possible. We’ve partnered with Local Coffee Roasters to bring you specialty coffee, superior black and green teas, botanicals, nitrogen-infused selections, and cold brew coffees. As an artisan producer of craft products, these partners pride themselves in honoring the vibrant supply chain of farmers that grow amazing coffees, teas, and botanicals. They source their raw ingredients from the finest growers in the world and uphold the highest manufacturing standards. We knew we wanted to work with companies that aligned with our values of acceptance, community, and of course, great coffee! 

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We know we want to provide you with great coffee but we also want you to feel good about your choice and know the history of our suppliers. All of our Espresso is supplied by Comucap, a Honduras-based Cooperative. Comucap was founded in 1993 by women seeking economic independence to support their families. These women who didn’t own land and were often victims of domestic violence realized economic insecurity was at the root of the problem and they began to look for ways to earn money for themselves and their families. Today, Comucap is still run exclusively by women and what started as 1 hectare of land has grown to 37 hectares complete with a wet mill, drying patios, and a compost production plant that helps foster coffee quality. Thanks to their ongoing success, many of the women have been able to purchase their own land, perpetuating economic stability and freedom while breaking a cycle of abuse. So, when you purchase an espresso-based beverage or cold brew, you’re supporting something much bigger than a bottom line. 

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