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Satisfy Your Tastebuds … And Your Wallet!

It’s no secret that food and restaurant prices are going up but imagine being a college student or young professional who needs to grab lunch on the go and having to second guess your meal choice or go without because you just can’t afford it. Brick Road Coffee supports students by providing a safe space that is open late to hang out and study but they’ve gone a step further in offering something that is not only affordable but delicious for students and young professionals alike.

This year to honor National Pizza Day, they announced their Starving Student Special which offers one of their personal croissant pizzas (choice of pepperoni, sausage, or three cheese), a bag of Pop Chips, or Smart Pop popcorn and a medium iced tea. All for $10 (plus tax). Co-owner Gabe Hagen had this to say: “I remember juggling school, work, and life and there wasn’t a lot of time to cook for myself so having affordable options I could grab between classes and after work meant one less thing to stress about. I want young people to know that there is a place to go that is not only welcoming but won’t break the bank.” So, whether you’re on a lunch break or in between classes, stop in and check out Brick Road Coffee for a delicious (and filling) meal that will satisfy your tastebuds and your wallet!

*No substitutions, upgrades available at additional cost.

Brick Road Coffee is a locally and LGBTQ+owned coffee shop in Tempe, Arizona serving artisanal coffee, pastries, and pizzas. At Brick Road, everyone is welcome. Community is very important to co-owners, Gabe Hagen and Jesse Shank. We all travel our own paths in life, laying one brick at a time and taking each turn as it comes. Whatever direction our own Brick Road takes you, some things remain constant. We all hope to find acceptance, community, and maybe a great cup of coffee to warm us on our journey. Their mission is to be more than just a fabulous little coffee shop. They are working hard to create a place where the community intersects, connects, and supports each other in their individual goals. For many, the recent global pandemic has been a time to reflect on how time and energy are spent and what marks an individual will leave on their family and neighbors. Gabe and Jesse knew it was time to leave the corporate world and create a legacy born out of the desire to create and cultivate community.


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