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Giving Back One Cup of Coffee and One Scoop of Granola at a Time

Updated: May 4, 2022

Chef LauraGail Briscoe, Owner, Laura's Gourmet Granola, and Gabe Hagen, Co-owner, Brick Road Coffee

PHOENIX, ARIZ. (April 8, 2022) – Imagine sitting at home drinking your morning coffee and enjoying your breakfast and seeing the devastation taking place in the country of Ukraine on the morning news and feeling helpless. This has been the reality for many of us across the globe since the news of the invasion of Ukraine broke in late February. When one sees such sadness and violence on the morning news, we might have one of two reactions: we turn off the television and go on with our day because we can’t bear to see it and don’t know how to help, or we decide to roll up our sleeves and begin the work of helping a country (and community) in need.

Two Tempe businesses turned the tv off and got to work to do what they do every day, be of service to those in need. The owners of Tempe-based businesses Brick Road Coffee and Laura’s Gourmet Granola knew they could do something to help the refugees and individuals still residing in Ukraine. Gabe Hagen and Jesse Shank (Brick Road Coffee) and Chef Laura Gail Briscoe (Laura’s Gourmet Granola) have several things in common but first and foremost, they all have a passion for serving their community with love and acceptance and leaning into their roles as community leaders by giving back. And that passion spreads well past their own neighborhoods.

Both Brick Road Coffee and Laura’s Gourmet Granola are members of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and Local First Arizona. Brick Road Coffee was recently recognized as Tempe’s Friendliest Neighborhood Business in 2022 after only being opened for six months. Laura's Gourmet Granola is a Certified Women's Business Enterprise and is available in regional outlets like Whole Foods, and AJs Fine Foods, plus nationally in upscale chains like Central Markets (Texas), King’s/Balducci’s (New Jersey), and Pete’s Fresh (Chicago), and many independent retailers across the country. In addition to retail, Laura’s Gourmet Granola has proven quite popular nationally as a foodservice option, gracing menus from Florida to Alaska for hotels, restaurants, corporate dining, professional and collegiate sports teams, and healthcare.

How can you help?

When these two companies heard that World Central Kitchen, led by Chef Jose Andres, was providing meals to refugees and to those who have remained in Ukraine, they knew exactly what they could do to help. Hagen and Chef Laura created a limited-time bundle for sale in an effort to raise funds for World Central Kitchen and aid their mission in Ukraine.

Pick up this perfect pair at Brick Road Coffee for $24.95 (+ tax) and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Chef Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen. Available from April 11 - April 17 (or until sold out) this delicious duo includes a 12 oz bag of Brick Road Coffee’s rich and flavorful Prima Tazza blend bundled with a 16 oz bag of Laura's Gourmet Granola Dark Chocolate Crunch - the perfect pairing of granola to bring out the chocolate notes in the signature coffee blend.

Now imagine drinking that morning cup of coffee and enjoying breakfast knowing that simple pleasures can be turned into small acts of greatness that lead to big change. When communities embrace a philosophy of working together, we can make the world a better place.


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